Prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales Ilford.

Thank you once again to the customers and staff at the Prince of Wales in Ilford for their generous donation.

Many, many thanks to Karen Smith at Fitgirlslim and everyone who contributed to raising over £4000 for Chigwell Riding Trust over the past year. So very much appreciated and it really will make a difference. Thank you once again.

A big help from Sainsburys

In 2015 Chigwell Riding Trust was the Charity of the Year of Sainsburys of Loughton. As part of their generous donation we were able to purchase a tractor mounted grass cutter to help maintain our fields. This really is a fabulous piece of equipment and will benefit the Trust for many years to come. This photo was taken on the 9th of May 2016 just after completing our first cut of the year.

(If anyone would like to know more about it please talk to Ken. No one here wants to listen to him bore on any more about tractors. We have heard enough. Same applies to lawnmowers, steam engines, etc.)

Grass cutter

Tansy at Bancroft's School

Tansy and Deborah had a lovely reception at Bancroft's School on 4th June for the Preparatory School Charity Day. Follow the link to read more about it.

Thank you to Bancroft's for their support over many years.

Bancrofts School