An organisation such as this is wholly dependant on the good will of the community. Without it Chigwell Riding Trust would not be here.

We would welcome your assistance with any aspect of Chigwell Riding Trust. When one considers that it sometimes takes one person to lead the pony and one person either side to assist the rider, it is obvious that the Trust could not function without voluntary help.

It is not necessary to have any knowledge of horses as the qualified staff will show you just what to do. All that is required is a willingness to help.

Some helpers come for just an hour each week, some for several days each week. Any help will be gratefully received and we can promise you a warm friendly reception.

Chigwell Riding Trust has a remarkable and wonderful social side. Friendships have been made here that continue away from the stables and into other areas of life. Do come and visit us.

Volunteers volunteering

Volunteers volunteering and smiling for the camera.