Chigwell Riding Trust was the first ever riding centre for people with special needs and has been established in Chigwell for over fifty years. Riding instruction is given to people of all ages and abilities.

As one of the leading specialised riding centres in the country Chigwell Riding Trust not only benefits people with special needs but also the entire community, giving opportunities for volunteering, school participation and practical experience for children and adults working with people and animals.

Sophia riding Tansy

Sophia riding Tansy

Emma, Jasmine and Sarah on Murphy, Bilbo and Paddy.

Between the boiler and the tap on the wall of the manager's office is this foundation stone. Watch a six minute video of the story behind this stone. The opening scenes are from Forest Lodge riding school, near the Wake's Arms (City Limits) roundabout near Epping

Visit from Chigwell School

2nd March 2022. A visit from our neighbours, Chigwell School

Cathal riding Murphy

Cathal riding Murphy with Belinda helping

Lesson in outdoor school

A lesson in the outdoor school

An eight minute video of our last horse care week before the pandemic. There is also some video of Sophie, a Trustee of Chigwell Riding Trust and para rider, riding Madge. This was shortly after Madge arrived at Chigwell.

The wonderful opportunities that Chigwell Riding Trust can offer have only been made possible by the generosity of people such as you. Please consider a donation to enable the Trust to continue to be the wonderful place that it is. Thank you.

A print by Ella, one of our vounteers